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Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

Tijuana Walk of Fame inducts 12 more

Only one woman on list

The Tijuana Walk of Fame, designed to show the positive side of Tijuana, inducted 12 more individual members and a professional sports organization Wednesday. Only one new inductee was a woman. They are:

Raul PlascenciaRaúl Plascencia Villanueva, (left) head of the national human rights commission.
Jorge Gutiérrez, an award-winning Hollywood animation artist and husband of Sandra Equihua (below). They founded Mexopolis Animation Studio.
Sandra Equihua, an award-winning Hollywood animation artist.
Miguel Ángel Cárdenas, president, founder of San Diego Global Knowledge University. Trained as an engineer.
Retired Rear Adm. José L. Betancourt. When he commanded the U.S. Navy's Southwest Region, he worked to forge ties with Tijuana. He grew up in Texas and his family did migrant farm labor during the summers.
Javier Plascencia, international chef; Misión 19 restaurant in Tijuana and Romesco in Bonita.
Enrique "Ejival" Jiménez: Music producer; founder of electronic music Static Discos label.
tijuana xolos logo• The Tijuana Xolos soccer team, and its president, Jorgealberto Hank and vice president, Alberto Murguía.
Raúl Cárdenas, Mazatlan-born architect, founder of Torolab Tijuana-based artists' collective. Educated at Universidad Iberoamericana in Tijuana and University of California San Diego.
Eduardo García Barrios, head of the Baja California Orchestra.
Rodrigo Rodríguez, director of the International Bio-Care Hospital and Medical Center
• Carlos Besne Irigoyen Estrada, national youth karate champion.

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