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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Arbitration panel rules that senator's sister should receive nearly 5 million peso payout for having been unjustly fired as head of state Judicial Institute 4 years ago

Also, Sen. Castro Trenti's brother becomes security adviser to Rosarito mayor, and senator has meeting with governor

     Silvia Justina Castro Trenti is receiving a 4.883 million peso payout (U.S. $357,000) for fernando castro trenti having been unjustly relieved of her duties as director of the Baja California Judicial Institute in May 2008. The decision was made by the state's Arbitration Tribunal. She is the sister of Sen. Fernando Castro Trenti of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Fernando Castro Trenti is running for an at-large congressional seat in Sunday's election and hopes to run for governor next year and end the National Action Party's 24-year run of holding the state's top post.

     The decision to remove his sister was made by the State Judicial Council, presided over by Judge María Esther Rentería Ibarra. Rentería was reelected to a second three-year term as president of the council and as president of the state Supreme Court last year. Silvia Castro Trenti will not be returning to her old post. Story in Frontera (PDF).

     Meanwhile, the Castro Trentis' brother, Francisco, has been named a public safety adviser to Rosarito Mayor Javier Robles. Story, Frontera (PDF).

Update, July 13: Francisco Castro Trenti becomes Rosarito police chief.
Update, July 15:
Frontera political page featured Francisco Castro Trenti's arrival in Rosarito as police chief.
July 29: Rosarito police official dismissed after failing to turn over password for department's Facebook page.
Aug. 3: Rosarito police chief says unpaid auxiliary police were being forced to pay superiors.

     Also Wednesday, in Mexicali, Gov. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán and Fernando Castro Trenti confirmed their commitment to work for the betterment of Baja California.

Update, 2013: Fernando Castro Trenti leaves deputy post and is PRI candidate for governor.