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Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012

Authorities say prisoners escaped through a door, not through tunnel;
16, including the prison director, are being held for 40 days under arraigo

     Authorities say three recaptured inmates from Monday's massive prison break in Coahuila state say the prisoners escaped out a prison door, not through a tunnel, as was initally reported.

     Sixteen people, including the prison director, are being held for 40 days under arraigo, Mexican media reported. Under arraigo, people suspected of involvement in organized crime can be held 40 days without charge.

     Among the 16 detained are:
• Prison director José Miguel Pérez Reséndiz
• Héctor Miguel Anguiano Rosales, chief of security and custody
• Saúl Francisco Ambriz Jacquez, deputy security chief
• Rubén Sánchez Rivas, shift chief.
Stories in Frontera (PDF).

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

Zetas suspected of engineering prison escape of 131

     A Coahuila state official said the Zetas organized crime group likely engineered Monday's escape of 131 inmates from a Coahuila state prison in Piedras Negras. Most of those who escaped were Zetas, officials said.

     Officials said a special tactical unit sent from Saltillo to Piedras Negras to investigate was attacked by four armed men traveling in a vehicle near Castaños on Monday night. Saltillo is about four hours from Piedras Negras, Proceso reported. The attackers, identified as Zetas, were killed at or near the site of the Inmagusa steel-pole manufacturing plant, media reported. Federal highway 57 was closed for two hours, reported.
FoxNewsLatino report on the prison break.