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Aug. 19, 2011

Photos of Tijuana house where drug tunnel was dug
under airport property into the United States

drug tunnel house tijuana

The drug tunnel house between 14 and 16 Edda Maria street in Tijuana near the airport. The 198-meter tunnel was discovered Aug. 12; it went under airport property into the United States. Authorities ripped off the front of the cinderblock home, which was under construction.
Story on discovery of drug tunnel. Story on U.S. efforts to stop drug tunnels.

airport wall sign








The house is across the street from a wall delineating the westernmost area of the Tijuana airport property.

drug tunnel house mattressdrug tunnel house diirt in room rubber boot









This mattress and other materials were left in the house. In right photo, a room full of excavated dirt is framed by a rubber boot; the tunnel had a tubing system and pump to drain out water.




dog stands in garage where drug tunnel wasdrug tunnel house next door






Blacki the neighborhood dog stands in a now-open part of the home where the drug tunnel, now filled in, was dug. At right, the drug tunnel house and the house next door.