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Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Study shows paucity of police salaries

Some make as little as $300 a month

Baja California police among the better paid

A government study outlines how police are poorly paid in Mexico. The Public Safety Ministry said the average state police pay is about $685 a month, or about $8,220 annually, while some police earn as little as $300 a month. The best-paid police generally work in the northern part of Mexico and the worst-paid in the south. However, the study said police in the crime-ridden northern border state of Tamaulipas are making around $300 a month, while Aguascalientes police earn more than five times that.

The average Aguascalientes monthly state police salary was 18,173 pesos, or $1,347, and Baja California's 17,636 pesos, or $1,307.

A Tijuana municipal police salary was put at 14,949 pesos, or $1,108, and Mexicali's at 12,406 ($919).

By contrast, a man arrested last week in Tijuana said he was making about U.S. $856 a month to be an assassin.

The study said average federal police pay is about $870 a month.

Part of the reason for the study was to point out the disparity in police pay and to urge states and municipalities to continue to try to close the gaps. Most news stories, however, concentrated on pointing out the low pay in general.

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