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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rededicated clock and moonWhat time is it in Tijuana?

The city of Tijuana has rededicated and restarted an old clock that stands in front of a money exchange on Second Street near Avenida Constitución and the Municipal Institute for Art and Culture.

The event, accompanied by music from Los Moonlights and Los Solitarios, took place Monday on the 122nd anniversary of the foundation of Tijuana. Why July 11 is considered Tijuana's birthday. The street was closed off, and antique cars were parked in front of the clock.

The Seth Thomas clock was built in 1922 and once was installed in front of the Azteca Jewelry store in Los Angeles. Then, in the 1940s, it was moved in front of the Joyería Azteca (a separate company) in Tijuana. In recent years, the clock had been covered with graffiti and one of its dials was broken.

El Mexicano had a good headline on its story about the clock: "They remembered old times."

When the clock was restarted Monday, it moved forward to the time 7:15. By the time it arrived there, however, it was 7:17 p.m. The clock must have later caught up to the real time, because by midday on Tuesday, it was four minutes fast. UPDATE: On Friday, July 15, the renovated clock was showing perfect time. UPDATE: On Friday, July 29, the clock was running fast again.

On July 11 and July 12, the eastward-facing clock on the nearby cathedral was four minutes fast, while the southward-facing clock on the cathedral was two minutes slow. On July 15, the eastward-facing clock was six minutes fast.

UPDATE, July 29: The clock must be wound once a week, and its restorers are still working to get it to keep the right time. One of the clock restorers said at a talk at the Archivo de Tijuana on July 29 that the light was added to the clock when it was in Los Angeles.

Nearby, the electronic clock on the Tijuana arch built under the administration of Mayor Francisco "Kiko" Vega (1998-2001) still is not working.

Photo shows clock with moon in the background shortly before the clock was restarted. Although the clock reads 7:01 p.m., the time actually was 7:10 p.m.

Update, July 27, 2012: Joyería Azteca clock is running 14 minutes fast.



refurbished clock cathedral clockwomen enjoy the refurbished clock









In left photo, the lighted, refurbished Seth Thomas clock is fast-forwarded toward its 7:15 p.m. starting point, with the cathedral's eastern-facing clock showing 7:21 p.m. The real time was 7:17 p.m.

In right photo, Tijuana residents Celia Galván, Carmen Martínez, Ramona Montiel and Teresa Perfecto stand in front of the refurbished clock minutes after it was restarted. Galván joked that the east-facing cathedral clock's being fast might help parishioners arrive at Mass on time.

refurbished clock and cars



Antique cars were placed in front of the antique clock on Second Street.This photo was taken before the clock was restarted.





tijuana overviewtijuana arch and clocktijuana arch blank clock

The clock on Tijuana's nearby arch, built during the 1998-2001 administration of Kiko Vega, stopped functioning some time ago. Might Vega, who is talking about running for the National Action Party nomination for governor in 2013, want to see about getting it fixed?

(In far left photo, the west-facing cathedral clock can be made out in the far bottom right. The west-facing clock had approximately the right time on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.)