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Monday, Oct. 31, 2011

Jorge Hank Rhon again says
he wants to be governor

He says he will be in the 2013 race to win;
his likely opponent for PRI gubernatorial nomination,
Sen. Fernando Castro Trenti, delivered
his 5th state-of-the-Senate address Saturday

jorge hank rhonJorge Hank Rhon, interviewed by the media at the Tijuana Xolos' 0-0 tie against San Luis Potosí at Caliente Stadium on Sunday, again said he wanted to be governor of Baja California. He also said he would run for federal office next year if his Institutional Revolutionary Party nominated him, but if not, "it will be the governor's race." Story, El Mexicano (PDF). The Xolos are sponsored by Hank's Grupo Caliente.

El Mexicano said Hank had been quiet on the gubernatorial race subject since saying at a June 20 press conference that he would like to be governor. That press conference had followed his arrest and subsequent release on federal weapons stockpiling charges.

He said he had learned his lesson from having lost the 2007 governor's race to José Guadalupe Osuna Millán of the National Action Party. Part of that lesson, he said, was that he learned he had to campaign hard every day until the election and work harder to get out the vote on election day.

He said his wife, María Elvia Amaya de Hank, would not run for mayor in 2013, saying she was the best worker he had when he was Tijuana mayor from 2004-2007. The wife of the mayor traditionally heads the city social services agency (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, DIF) and the wife of the governor heads the statewide version of the social services agency. "We will make a great government together," Hank said. There had been talk of her running for mayor last year, but then a rare blood disorder that she suffers from intervened. Hank has been allied with current Mayor Carlos Bustamante.

Hank, whose family is from Mexico state, likely hopes to have the support of former Mexico state Gov. Enrique Peña Nieto, who is the odds-on favorite to win Mexico's presidency next year. Hurting Hank's chances could be that his bodyguards killed Tijuana journalist Héctor "El Gato" Félix Miranda in 1988 and that he no longer has a visa to enter the United States.

fernando castro trentiOn Saturday, Sen. Fernando Castro Trenti, who wants to be governor, delivered his fifth state of the Senate address. Although Castro Trenti is from Tijuana, he delivered the speech in Mexicali, presumably in part to be able to address a wider Baja California audience. It is unclear what strength Hank has outside Tijuana; Castro Trenti has been blanketing the entire state. Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump page. Among those in attendance was the governor and four of the state's five mayors, all from the PRI. Bustamante did not attend.
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