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Monday, Sept. 19, 2011

Frontera says former PAN Mayor Jorge Ramos likely to run for Senate;
says sources close to ex-PAN Mayor Kiko Vega say he was courted by PRI

Frontera's Agua Caliente column said former National Action Party Mayor Jorge Ramos is likely to run for one of the PAN's Senate nominations for Baja California. Ramos, under fire for the debt he ran up as mayor, has backed Josefina Vázquez Mota's candidacy for the PAN presidential nomination.

francisco vegaThe column also said that sources close to former Mayor Francisco "Kiko" Vega (right) indicate that the Institutional Revolutionary Party has suggested he join with it if he winds up being dissatisfied with how his second run for the PAN nomination for governor goes. Vega, mayor from 1998-2001, lost the nomination to José Guadalupe Osuna Millán in 2007.

There has been a lot of party-changing by ambitious politicians in Mexico; earlier this year, Baja California Sur elected former PRD politician Marcos Covarrubieas on the PAN ticket after the Democratic Revolution Party gave the nomination to Luis Armando Diaz. It is unclear what the PRI might have to offer Vega, however: both Sen. Fernando Castro Trenti and former Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon have their sights on the governorship, and there likely will be fierce internal PRI competition for other top posts. It is also unclear whether Vega's trial balloon will have any positive effect for Vega, who is most famous for the construction of a large arch whose clock stopped working and has not been fixed. Among Vega's likely competitors for the gubernatorial nomination is federal Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora, formerly Osuna's Millán's right-hand man. Vega currently is a federal deputy whose term is up next year.

The item on Ramos was based on a meeting in a Tijuana restaurant between him and Cuauhtémoc Cardona, the man who took Blake's place when Blake was called to Mexico City.