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Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011

Repatriations to Tijuana fall 60%, Frontera reports

16% of those deported overall are women

Repatriations of Mexicans to Tijuana have falled 60% from June 2009, Frontera newspaper reported Thursday. Citing National Migration Institute figures, it said repatriations fell from 232,434 in 2009 to 133,770 in 2010 to 51,442 so far this year.

The paper said said that in 2010:
186,735 were repatriated in Baja California, including 3,649 minors;
121,677 were repatriated in Sonora, including 10,261 minors; and
 99,444 were repatriated in Tamaulipas, including 3,015 minors.

Antonio Valladolid, the migration institute's representative in Tijuana, told Frontera said some of the drop in Baja California may have come in part because of economics and in part because authorities have pushed for the U.S. government to repatriate Mexicans closer to their places of origin. Tijuana authorities say they are unfairly given the burden of dealing with repatriated Mexicans from other parts of the country, and particularly complain about the number of drug addicts who have wound up living along the Tijuana River channel. Mariano Escobedo, head of the tourism and convention center bureau, has been particularly vocal about the matter. But Valladolid, the migration institute's representative in Tijuana, told Frontera that most of the people living there have been there for years.Story, Frontera.

A recent migration institute study says (on Page 39)
37.2% of what it termed repatriation events to Mexico this year were to Baja California
29.4% Tamaulipas
20.8% Sonora
10% Coahuila
 2.6% Chihuahua

The study says (on Page 40) that of 231,983 deported to Mexico the first half of this year, 21,108, or 16.1%, were women, and 8,877, or 3.8%, were minors. It appears that Oaxaca state was the biggest sender of girls who wound up being deported this year (Page 42).

The study also says (on Page 35) the number of migrants rescued along the border by Grupo Beta grew from 2,430 from the first half of 201 to 3,434 in the first half of 2011. The total rescued the first half of this year in Sonora was 3,112 and 275 in Baja California. This makes sense as the U.S. government has pushed Mexican migration to the Sonoran desert.

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