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Monday, Dec. 26, 2011

Denise Dresser's gifts for Mexican politicians

The columnist Denise Dresser came up with a gift list for Mexican politicians, including former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon.
• For presidential frontrunner, former Mexico state Gov. enrique pena nietoEnrique Peña Nieto of the Institutional bible for dummiesRevolutionary Party, who recently could not answer what three books had a major influence on him other to say the Bible and confusing Carlos Fuentes with his arch critic Enrique Krauze: "The Bible for Dummies" and the complete works of Carlos Fuentes. Peña Nieto also could not name the price of tortillas, so Dresser also put a kilo of tortillas on the list.
• For Andrés Manuel López Obrador, again the amlopresidential candidate of the left who has been caught in many fabrications of the truth and who is mistrusted by many business owners: A lie detector and and a sheep's skin to wear to his meetings with business owners.
josefina vazquez mota• For National Action Party presidential hopeful Josefina Vázquez Mota, who wrote the self-help book "Dear God, Make me a Widow, please" before becoming a major politician: The book "Dear God, make me president, please."
ernesto cordero• For National Action Party presidential hopeful Ernesto Cordero, seen as President Calderón's candidate: The campaign slogan "Calderón and me."
• For President Felipe Calderón, who often seems to speak before he thinks: "His wife's brain."
• For National Action Party presidential hopeful santiago creelSantiago Creel, a major force behind the law allowing casinos in Mexico. In August, that became controversial again when the Casino Royale casino in Monterrey was set on fire, killing 52 people, and the Nuevo León state governor's brother was seeing accepting wads of cash in another casino; the brother said the cash was payment for Oaxacan cheese from a company he owns. The gifts: "A membership in the Casino Royale, with Oaxacan cheese included."
• For Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who lost out marcelo ebrardon the Democratic Revolutionary Party's presidential nomination to López Obrador: "An hourglass."
Her column (PDF)
• For former Tijuana Mayor and gambling magnate Jorge Hank Rhon, who plans to run for Baja California governor again in 2013 and whose compound was the subject of a June raid for illegal weapons. Although 88 weapons were confiscated, many of them only authorized to be in the hands of the military, charges against Hank Rhon were dropped because the search was conducted improperly. The gift: An instruction manual entitled "How to convert your home into an army weapons arsenal." She also suggested a Christmas basket from the federal Attorney General's Office.
• For teachers union leader Elba Esther Gordillo: A elba esther gordilloSherwin Williams makeup contract and a Hummer distributorship (the teachers union gave Hummers to some union members).

Dresser's column (PDF).