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August 2011

Cobach Florido opens in eastern Tijuana

Tijuana badly needs more high schools, and earlier this month it opened a new one: Cobach Florido. One wing of the school has cobach florido overviewbeen built to serve 700 first-year students, with split morning and afternoon sessions. In 2012, 700 more students are to enter the school, and in 2013, 700 more for the school to reach its capacity of 2,100.

For most of the students, Cobach Florido was not their first choice, but they seem to generally be happy to have gotten into a public high school. Many whose exams don't qualify them for the limited spots in public high schools then must decide whether to pay to go to private high school.

Cobach Florida does not yet have a cafeteria or library. Its athletic fields are still a work in progress. The administration is housed in an air-conditioned trailer. The other air-conditioned area is the computer room, to keep temperatures lower and the computers from breaking down from heat and dust accumulation


cobach florida cerro colorado

The school has a great view of the Cerro Colorado

cobach florido second wing under constructioncobach florido computer lab

The second wing is under construction (left photo); the trailer the administration is housed in is at left.
In right photo, the air-conditioned computer lab.

cobach florido cost signcobach florido sidewalk ramp


The sign at left outlines the cost and phases of the construction; in photo at right, work is taking place on the ramp to the parking lot.

34 million pesos equals $2.75 million.

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