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UPDATE, May 19: El Mexicano reports that the money was returned on Monday, but that Agatón may file a formal complaint against Gen. Alfonso Duarte Mújica. Frontera's story.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Officials protest military's confiscation of 116,000 pesos
from Ensenada legislator and councilman at roadblock

claudia agaton logoBaja California officials are up in arms about the military's treatment of an Ensenada legislator who had 116,000 pesos confiscated at a roadblock Saturday, Frontera reported. Claudia Agatón, who represents the Workers Party in the state legislature, said the money was to go to celebrate Ensenada mothers at Sunday's Festival for Mothers in Ensenada's Revolution Park.

The amount is about U.S. $10,000.

Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante and state legislature President Marco Antonio Vizcarra both expressed disappointment with the the treatment of Agatón and Ensenada city council member Armando Reyes at the Testerazo roadblock on the Tecate-Ensenada free road. Reyes also is a member of the Workers Party.

Bustamante, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, said his disappointment with this one incident does not mean he would like to see the military withdraw from Baja California: "In no way does this mean that the Mexican army should withdraw from the city, it has given us tranquility and we have a good working relationship with the military," the mayor said.

Vizcarra, also from Ensenada, is a member of the Party of Baja California.

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Channel 29 interview with Claudia Agatón when she was running for the legislature.
Reyes was accused of sexual harassment in February. Story,

UPDATE, May 18: Frontera reports that a video shows the commander of the Second Military Region, Gen. Alfonso Duarte Mújica, was at the roadblock, and tells Agatón and Reyes that. ''There is no 'fuero' (legislators' exemption) here."

El Mexicano reports that state legislator Lizbeth Mata Lozano, a National Action Party member from Ensenada who also is a lawyer, backs Agatón. She also says she would never travel with so much cash.