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July 14, 2011

Political Science Quarterly reviews UCSD researcher's book
on how immigration affects Mexico

a nation of emigrants coverThe summer issue of Political Science Quarterly reviews two books on Mexico.

One is "A Nation of Emigrants: How Mexico Manages Its Migration" by UCSD's David Fitzgerald, published by UC Berkeley Press in 2009. The reviewer, Judith Alder Hellman of York University, says Fitzgerald concentrates not on the U.S. immigration debate but on how Mexico manages immigration and the return of its migrants, and what a strain this places on Mexican local and national institutions, including the Roman Catholic church. She quotes him as writing, "Rather than ask how U.S. institutions attempt to integrate the immigrant population, I ask how Mexican institutions attempt to prevent the disintegration of the communities f origin when emigrants leave and return." She said Fitzgerald draws on a case study of the Jalisco state sending community of Arandas for some of his conclusions.

Fitzgerald, an associate professor of sociology at the University of California San Diego, is the associate director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at UCSD and the Gildred Chair for United States–Mexican Relations in the Division of Social Sciences.


The second book is "Political Corruption in Mexico: The Impact of Democratization" by
Stephen D. Morris, published by Lynne Reinner Publishers in 2009. The review, by R. Douglas Hecock of Bucknell University, finds that as the 71-year hold of the presidency by the Institutional Revolutionary Party passed to the National Action Party of President Vicente Fox in 2000, some "old" types of corruption diminished but new types of corruption developed.

The Lynne Reinner site quotes University of San Diego Trans-Border Institute Director David Shirk as saying of the book: "A very important contribution.... This rigorous exploration of corruption in Mexico also provides ample empirical evidence and strong theoretical insights about the relationship between democratic governance and political accountability."

manana forever coverAn excerpt from the book.


MexicoPerspective's David Gaddis Smith's review of Jorge Castañeda's new book on Mexico, "Mañana Forever: Mexico and the Mexicans."