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Monday, July 18, 2011

73% of Baja California residents feel safe in their homes, poll says,
although 52% say they thought robberies and assaults grew in last year

An IMERK poll says Baja California residents may be feeling safer these days. Those feeling the most secure are residents of Ensenada, with 85.8% saying they feel safe in their homes. Those feeling the least safe in their homes are residents of Tecate, with 58.3% saying they feel safe.

The figure for Tijuana was 82.5%, Rosarito 75.8% and Mexicali 62.5%. The overall state figure was 73%.

About 38% of those polled in the state said their home had been broken into at some point in time, with 46% of Tijuana and Mexicali respondents saying this had happened at their residences. Only 20% of Ensenadans polled said their homes had been burglarized.

About 70 percent of those who had suffered break-ins said the most recent burglaries they had suffered had occurred within the last three years.

While the headline said the perception of how safe Baja California is had improved, there were no results provided from a previous poll to show how much safer people felt. No information was available on the IMERK website, which said it is being remodeled. While organized-crime violence has diminished in Tijuana, the city did see four violent deaths over the weekend.

The poll also said 52% of state respondents thought robberies and assaults had grown in their municipalities in the last year. While 40% of Ensenadans and 43% of Tijuana residents said the crimes had increased, the number was was a whopping 71% in Mexicali.

Statewide, 23% had had a vehicle stolen. Tijuana was the auto-theft capital, as 30% of residensaid they had had a vehicle stolen; Ensenada was the safest municipality for car owners, with 10% of those polled there saying they had suffered a vehicle theft. About 58% of those who had had a vehicle stolen said the theft had occurred within the last three years.

IMERK poll, in Frontera.