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Bilingual website chronicling everyday heroes in Tijuana and San Diego is launched

A bilingual website chronicling everyday heroes in Tijuana tj-sd cronicas websiteand San Diego has been launched. The Tijuana Digital City Committee of the Tijuana Innovadora Movement (Comité Tijuana Ciudad Digital del Movimiento Tijuana Innovadora) in coordination with students from CETYS University's Tijuana campus put the site up. The website is an expansion of a project that started in December 2010 in Ciudad Juarez by Yesica Guerra, director of Crónicas de Héroes, part of the MIT Center for Civic Media.

A map of Tijuana and San Diego has markers showing the general location where acts of heroism have taken place. For example, one shows the location of the Red Cross hospital in Tijuana; a woman who took her daughter for treatment there says she always goes to the Red Cross because it saved her life.

The website ("Crónicas de Héroes Tijuana-San Diego")
Red Cross praised on website.
Frontera's story on the website (PDF).