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October 2012

Fox, AARP, Rand unveil report
on issue of aging in Mexico

He also speaks at Cato Institute:
Mexican media focus on his call for amnesty
for criminals who choose to relinquish arms

U.S. media highlight his criticism of GOP candidates

Former President Vicente Fox, in Washington, helped unveil a new report from the Rand Corp. and AARP, "Living Longer In Mexico: Income Security and Health."
Executive summary (PDF) Full report (PDF)

Fox also took the opportunity to repeat that Mexico needs to come to some sort of an accord with organized crime, or offer an amnesty to members of criminal groups. Sen. Manlio Fabio Beltrones, a presidential aspirant for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, said he was opposed to the idea.
Story, Frontera (PDF)

The U.S. media focused on his criticism of Republican presidential candidates and their views on border enforcement. Politico said Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been under fire from many in the GOP for allowing the children of illegal immigrants to receive education benefits, was given a boost within the GOP when Fox lumped him in with Herman Cain, who recently said he would put up an electric fence along the border that would electrocute illegal immigrants. Politico. Fox News blog.

Update, Oct. 28: A Mexican lawyers group files complaint against Fox with the federal Attorney General's Office, saying his amnesty call is an illegal action backing organized crime. The Unión de Juristas de Mexico also is supporting populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador for president.
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