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Monday, April 16, 2012

Top complaint against Tijuana police no longer is extortion, but rather is abuse of authority, official says

The top complaint against Tijuana police is abuse of authority rather than attempted extortion, a city yolanda enriquez de la fuenteofficial says. Síndica procurador Yolanda Enríquez de la Fuente said her office receives 18 to 26 complaints weekly about police conduct. El Mexicano newspaper quoted her as saying: "Basically, people complain that they treat them badly, that they yell at them, that they shove them, that they transport them in the back of pickup trucks, that they abuse their authority; there are fewer extortion cases." She said her office pays special attention when police are the subject of repeat complaints.
Enríquez, who survived an attempt by some Baja California legislators to remove her from office after they felt she did not act quickly enough to discipline police officers who had a female suspect strip for them last year, said the police force is greatly improved, but still has a ways to go. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).
Mention of her surviving removal attempt.