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Friday, Dec. 28, 2012

Xolos lose title because of sponsor's gambling ties - NOT!

Tijuana papers have fun with fake headlines, stories on Holy Innocents Day, the Spanish-speaking world's version of April Fool's

     Blaring headlines in Frontera newspaper on Friday included "Xolos Trophy Taken Away," "El Chaparral Closed because of Structural Problems" and "Sobriety Checkpoints To Be Removed for New Year's."

     All were fun, and all were untrue, published as part of "El Día de los Santos Inocentes," or "Day of the Holy Innocents," the Spanish-speaking world's version of April Fool's Day.

     The back page of the Tijuana tabloid said the Xolos were losing their soccer championship because they were sponsored by a gambling organization (former Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon's Caliente Group).

     El Chaparral is Mexico's state-of-the-art port of entry with a decidedly non-state-of-the-art entry road from the United States. Many wished that Mexico had waited for the United States to reroute Interstate 5 before closing Puerta México and opening El Chaparral. Others complain that a greater percentage of people entering Mexico are being sent to secondary and having goods confiscated. Indeed, MexicoPerspective, which rarely got the red light to go to Mexicano secondary in the past, is now getting the red light nearly half the time.)

     One fake headline said Paulina Rubio, named one of the sexiest singers of all time, was coming out of the closet.

    Another fake headline said former Tijuana police chief Julián Leyzaola was going to become the head of a centralized national police force that could be created. Leyzaola is currently police chief of Ciudad Juarez. Baja California Gov. José Osuna Millán recently told Zeta newspaper that he could come back to Baja California as a top state official in charge of security matters.    

     El Mexicano's page of fake headlines and stories had Tijuana police chief Alberto Capella being arrested at a sobriety checkpoint and Ensenada Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres resigning to run for governor. Stories, El Mexicano (PDF). 

     It also had the Xolos moving to Acapulco. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).

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