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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tijuana's El Mexicano newspaper runs society page feature on same-sex couple's marriage vows

Mexican Supreme Court negated Baja California constitution's ban on gay weddings in June

     Tijuana's El Mexicano newspaper on Wednesday ran a society page feature on a same-sex couple's marriage vows. It ran photos of a reception for the couple, Larry de Hoyos and David Hernández. The feature did not say where the couple was married; in June, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that a provision in Baja California's constitution against same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. That case involved Víctor Manuel Aguirre and Fernando Urías Amparo in Mexicali.

      Same-sex marriage has been specifically permitted in Mexico City and also allowed in Quintana Roo because there was no specific prohibition against it. It also has been permitted in individual cases in other Mexican states. In 2010, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages performed in Mexico City are valid throughout the country.

      The newly married Tijuana couple previously appeared on a 2008 Frontera newspaper society page feature, where de Hoyos was among many guests at Hernández's birthday party in Tijuana.