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Friday, Jan. 17, 2014

Driver for slain Tijuana sports official's taxi company allegedly helped his killers in return for $225; motive said to have to do with romantic relationship with young woman

      Luis Antonio Meza Durán, a driver for slain Tijuana sports official Arturo Kaloyan's taxi company, allegedly helped the killers locate Kaloyan in return for 3,000 pesos ($225), officials told Mexican media on Thursday. The motive was said to have to do with a romantic relationship Kaloyan had with a young woman.
      El Mexicano reported that Meza Durán, 36, had a previous relationship with Dagoberto Molina Valenzuela, arrested in the case earlier this week. It said Meza Durán would drive Molina Valenzuela to collect money from people who sold drugs in Tijuana's La Presa district. The paper said Meza Durán was paid 600 pesos ($45) a day to do this.     
Front-page story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump. Story, El Sol de Tijuana.

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013

Recently appointed head of Tijuana sports department shot to death

      Arturo Hachadur Kaloyan Aguirre, the newly named chief of Tijuana's sports department, was shot to death Monday while driving near his home in the city's La Mesa district. The gunman and their motives were unknown.

     Kaloyan previously had headed the sports department under the 2004-2007 administration of Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon. Current Mayor Jorge Astiazarán also served in Hank's administration. During the Hank administration, Kaloyan was accused of favoritism in the operation of sports facilities and his department was asked to change its ways by Baja California's human rights commission (PDF).

     Kaloyan owned a restaurant and liked to participate in running events. He was a member of the committee that founded the sports department.

     Balun Canan reported that he is survived by his wife, two adult children, his mother, and three siblings.
Front-page story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump.

Update, Dec. 18: A nearby business's video camera recorded events that took place near the killing, officials said; robbery apparently was not a motive as Kaloyan had a relatively large amount of cash (7,600 pesos, or $585) and a Cartier watch that were not taken. Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump.
Esquela memorial ads for Kaloyan (PDF). Page 12. Page 23.
El Mexicano sports section profile of Kaloyan (PDF).

Update, Dec. 19: Authorities say that the gun used in the slaying also was used in a 2009 crime, and that four vehicles were involved in Kaloyan's killing. One blocked his 2006 Volkswagen Bora's path at Alicia María y Melchor Ocampo streets. Story, El Sol de Tijuana.

Update, Dec. 20: Zeta newspaper reports that the crime could have had to do with his ownership of a taxi operation, or a romantic interest outside his marriage, or with gambling or drug problems. It reported that he had been a heavy better.

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014

Arrest made in slaying of top Tijuana municipal sports department official

    A Durango man has been arrested in the Dec. 16 slaying of Tijuana sports department official Arturo Kaloyan, Tijuana media reported.
    Prosecutor José María González said the slaying had to do with Kaloyan's personal life, but did not explain beyond that. González said an investigation had found it had nothing to do with Kaloyan's work life or have to do with his family.
    The man arrrested was identified as Dagoberto Molina Valenzuela, 28, also known as "El Gigante," "El Güero," and "El Dago." Kaloyan's vehicle was blocked off by other vehicles and he was shot to death in a residential neighborhood. Also suspected in the case are "El Chango," who apparently was in a Ford Focus; "El Chino" y "La Prima," who apparently were in a Mazda; and "El Taxista," in a taxi. Molina apparently was in a Toyota Camry. He was initially detained on what was thought to have been a weapons possession charge.
Story, Frontera. Story, El Sol de Tijuana.

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014

Komar Rivera Fernández named to replace slain Arturo Kaloyan as Tijuana municipal sports department chief

Former Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon says crime against his friend 'Hacho' was planned

       New Tijuana Mayor Jorge Astiazarán on Monday named Komar Rivera Fernández to replace the slain Arturo Kaloyan as the municipality's sports department chief. Kaloyan was shot to death on Dec. 16 before he could formally take office; the murder has not been solved.
       It also was announced that the sports department's budget will be 49 million pesos ($3.75 million) this year.
       Meanwhile, former Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon said the slaying was planned and not the byproduct of the violence the city has been undergoing. Hank said he feels the city is safe and does not fear for his life. Hank said that "Hacho" was his friend and that he did not know of any problems Kaloyan was going through. Kaloyan had previously served as head of the department during Hank's 2004-2007 administration.
Story on appointment, El Mexicano (PDF). Story, Frontera (PDF). Budget story.