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Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012

Xolos win soccer championship with 2-0 victory over Toluca

Tijuana goes wild over win

Who would have thought Tijuana would deliver the region's first major sports championship? No San Diego major league baseball, NFL or NBA team has ever won the ultimate title

        The Tijuana Xolos won Mexico's major-league soccer championship Sunday with a 2-0 victory over Toluca in Mexico state.

         After losing 2-1 to the Xolos in Tijuana on Thursday, Toluca had to win Sunday's game. But after Toluca stalled after just missing a golden opportunity on a second-half header in the 56th minute with the score 0-0, its coach, Enrique Meza, decided to substitute and go for a more offensive-minded team. That, however, made Toluca more vulnerable to counter-attack, as its remaining defenders could not match the speech of the Xolos, according to Univision's announcing team. Tijuana then scored two quick goals, one off a free kick near the goal committed by a Toluca player trying to catch up with a Xolo player, and the second a little over a minute later on a breakaway by Duvier Riascos. At the 68:59 mark, after Raúl Arce's free kick bounced off the goalpost, an unmarked Richard Rodríguez was there to knock it in off the legs of Toluca goalie Alfredo Talavera. Riasco's goal came at the 70:19 mark.

        Former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon, whose Caliente Group sponsors the team, was in attendance, as was current Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante and other top officials.

        Tijuana went wild over the win, and Televisa Channel 12, which broadcast the game, afterward interrupted regular programming to cover Tijuana celebrations. It returned to regular programming with its 8 p.m. news talk show, "Cortapisa," dedicated Sunday night to the topic of divorce.

Xolos win first game of championship.
Xolos reach championship series.