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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tijuana Toros celebrate entry in Mexican baseball league

Former major league shortstop Mario Mendoza, famed for the "Mendoza Line," to manage the team

Toros logo     liga mexicana de beisbol The Tijuana Toros celebrated their entry in the Mexican Baseball League (Liga Mexicana de Béisbol) on Monday by holding an event for fans at the Grand Hotel Tijuana. The Toros bought the failing Minatitlán Oilers franchise (Petroleros de Minatitlán) and begin their season April 2 versus Veracruz. The Petroleros finished in the cellar of the eight-team southern division with a 37-71 record last season.
Stories, El Mexicano (PDF).

      Introduced was the Toros' new manager, Mexican Bmario mendozaaseball League hall of famer Mario Mendoza, who played shortstop with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. He has managed in Mexico and in the U.S. minor leagues. Mendoza was the classic example of the "good field, no hit" player; his lifetime batting average was .215, and he inspired the term "Mendoza line": If a player is batting below .200, he is said to be below the Mendoza line. In 1979, Mendoza became one of the few players in major league history to have played as many as 145 games and hit below .200 (he hit .198 in 148 games).

Others who played at least 145 games and hit below .200:
New York Yankees' shortstop Tom Tresh, .195, 1968
Tampa Rays' first baseman Carlos Peña, .197, 2012
Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds, .198, 2010
Texas Rangers' catcher Jim Sundberg, .199, 1975

Mexican League schedule.
Toros begin practice.