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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tijuana PRI Mayor Carlos Bustamante says PAN mayoral candidate Monraz helped get him elected in 2010; Urban Land Institute's plans for downtown Tijuana get overshadowed by allegation;
Bustamante is hung in effigy in a separate mattercarlos bustamante

     Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante said Wednesday that the current National Action Party mayoral candidate, Alejandro Monraz, helped get Bustamante elected in 2010, El Mexicano reported. Bustamante (right) is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.Alejandro Monraz

     In 2010, Monraz (left) lost out on the PAN nomination to former Congressman Carlos Torres Torres, a favorite of then-President Felipe Calderón. Monraz had also previously lost out on the PAN nomination in 2004, a year in which the PRI also won.

     The paper quoted Bustamante as saying: "I have not spoken with Monraz since I won three years ago and I gave him thanks for having helped me win with his people." Bustamante later conceded that their paths have crossed in the last three years and they have greeted each other, but that was it.

      AFN Político reported that Monraz has denied helping Bustamante, but that many PANistas believe he did. Frontera's political page reported that some of his people went to work in the administration of 2004-07 PRI Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon, as well as in Bustamante's administration.

     Bustamante was responding to media queries about a purported meeting between him and Monraz where Monraz said he had warned Bustamante not to sell the Eighth Street property where the city police station and jail used to be. Bustamante, in a controversial move, had the building, known as "La Ocho," demolished in December 2011 and January 2012. Bustamante said, "He is lying by saying we had a conversation about 'La Ocho'; I have not talked with him in three years."

      His comments came after announcing that the property would be donated to the Tijuana Economic Development Council, which would be charged with selling it. Others in Tijuana would like the property to be developed as a museum. At the council meeting, the Urban Land Institute presented its plans for renovating downtown Tijuana.

     Bustamante's allegation came as Monraz presented a detailed program of what he would do to improve public safety in the city.

      Monraz faces the PRI's Dr. Jorge Astiazaran in the July 7 election.

     El Mexicano also reported on a separate page that Bustamante was hung in effigy, but did not say why the group was angry with the mayor.

     Bustamante is limited to one three-year term, and his time in office ends in November.   

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