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Monday, Dec. 17, 2012

National columnist writes about how Tijuana Xolos' soccer championship has helped restore Baja California's pride

     National columnist Sergio Sarmiento wrote Monday about how the Tijuana Xolos' national soccer championship has help restore the pride of Tijuana and Baja California. He said El Economista newspaper estimates that the team was bought for $1 million in 2007 and estimates that it is now worth $68 million. The team is sponsored by gambling magnate Jorge Hank Rhon's Caliente Group.

      Sarmiento said the team has helped the state forget the violence it has suffered. He indicated that although violence in Tijuana has gone down, that may not be the case for the entire state, noting that that there were 594 homicides between January and October 2008 and 579 during the same period this year (Violence in Mexicali has been up).

     At the end of his column, Sarmiento noted that the United States prohibits drugs but not arms sales. He said Mexicans are paying the price of this dichotomy, as are Americans, pointing to Friday's massacre at a Connecticut elementary school as an example.

    Sarmiento's column (PDF).
    Sarmiento on how the Xolos could affect next year's Baja California gubernatorial race.