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Thursday, Sept. 5, 2012

San Diego Reader writes about Arroyo Alamar being lined with concrete in Tijuana

arroyo alamar work proceeded in april 2012The San Diego Reader published a cover story about the Arroyo Alamar being lined with concrete in Tijuana, saying it will bring more pollution to San Diego. Although a legal filing has been made to stop the channelization project, work continues. A highway is to be built along the waterway.
Story, San Diego Reader.

Sept. 1 Frontera story on talks between government and environmentalists on Arroyo Alamar (PDF file).
August 2012: Arroyo Alamar lining comes up at U.S.-Mexico environmental conference; event to preserve arroyo to be held Sept. 8 in Tijuana
December 2011: Dozens of families removed from Arroyo Alamar.
October 2011: Lining of Arroyo Alamar advances.
September 2011: Arroyo Pastejé to be lined with concrete.
                         Construction begins on Ermita bridge.
August 2011: Land purchased to move 450 families living along Arroyo Alamar
July 2011: Columnist Oscar Genel writes about Arroyo Alamar.
June 2011: Story on Arroyo Alamar being lined with concrete.

Photo above: Work on Arroyo Alamar continued in April, even after a legal filing to stop it.
Photos below: Traffic passes by on a Clouthier boulevard bridge over the Arroyo Alamar.
A state government sign announces that a highway will be built along the arroyo.

arroyo alamar clouthier boulevard trafficarroyo alamar billboard