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Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012

Tijuana's Universidad Iberoamericana gets new rector, Rubén Arceo López

Sebastián Serra Martínez, rector from 2006-2012, is returning to León to direct the city's cultural institute

     sebastian serra ruben arceo martinezRubén Arceo López (right) was sworn in Tuesday as the rector of Tijuana's Universidad Iberoamericana for 2012-2016. He said he would try to attract more students and improve the Jesuit university's infrastructure. Trained as a Jesuit priest, he has served as a top official of the university the past two years.

     Sebastián Serra Martínez (left), who is to return to León to become the director of the city's cultural institute, said accomplishments during his term included getting the university accredited by the Federación Mexicana de Instituciones Particulares de Educación Superior (FIMPES: Mexican Federation of Private Institutions of Higher Learning), opening a middle school and putting the university's high school on a sound economic footing. He also has been serving as a top official with the Trompo interactive science museum in Tijuana. He was rector of the Universidad Iberoamericana León in Guanajuato state from 1998-2006. In León, he will be serving an Institutional Revolutionary Party administration. On July 1, the PRI won the mayor's race for the first time in 24 years.

Story, Frontera (PDF). Story, Universidad Iberoamericana website.
Serra Martínez delivered a stirring speech at 300th anniversary observance of Padre Kino death.

Photo from Universidad Iberoamerican website.