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January 2012

Tijuana's old police and fire stations at the corner of Constitución and Hidalgo have been razed, to the dismay of many Tijuana residents. Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante hopes new construction on the property can help revive downtown. Meanwhile, across the street, a new health center is going up. Here are some photos of the old station, the razed property, and the health center under construction.

Previous mention of razing.
Jan. 16 Union-Tribune story on the action.
Jan. 16 column by Mario Ortíz Villacorta lamenting the razing (Frontera, PDF).
Update, Jan. 17: Site has been cleared of debris. Photo, Frontera (PDF).

razed tijuana police station street signs


The razed site is at the corner of Hidalgo and Constitución.


razed tijuana police station hotel ticuan









The Hotel Ticuan stands in the background across the street from the razed site.


razed tj police station woman selling goodsrazed tj police station mailbox sherlock holmes billboard





A woman tried to sell goods to construction workers.

old police station with mailbox




A billboard for the new Sherlock Holmes movie sits above a mailbox next to the razed site. In photo of old police station below taken in August, the mailbox with a different ad above it can be seen to the far right.









centro de salud cost sign







centro de salud being built





A health center is going up across Constitución from the razed police station. The cost is put at 33.665 million pesos, or $2.49 million.

More photos of old station and of razed site.