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Monday, March 25, 2013

"Punto de Partida" program focuses on deported Mexicans living along the Tijuana River

      Denise Maerker's "Punto de Partida" TV program, which aired on Tijuana Channel 12 Sunday night, focused on the large number deported Mexicans living along the concrete channel of the Tijuana River near the border. It interviewed one man named who has built himself a small underground hole of sorts to live in and protect himself from the elements and from the view of police. The program said those living in the Bordo are responsible for many thefts that occur nearby. Mayor Carlos Bustamante and police chief Alberto Capella lamented that so many Mexicans are deported to Tijuana rather than elsewhere. 

        Recently, Washington Office on Latin America senior associate Maureen Meyer told the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies that she thought more of those deported from the United States should be sent to Tijuana instead of to Tamaulipas state and other places because Tijuana has much better infrastructure and programs in place to deal with deportees.
UCSD Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies webpage on WOLA associates' appearance in San Diego.