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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Drug tunnel was just a tenth of mile from one found in August

The warehouse that housed an entrance for a sophisticated 572-meter drug tunnel that went under Tijuana airport property across the border to a Cactus Road warehouse in the Otay Mesa area of United States was just a tenth of a mile from a tunnel discovered in a nearby house on Aug. 12. Thirty-six tons of marijuana were found on the U.S. and Mexican sides.

It also was a tenth of a mile from the federal police base at the airport, used for transporting goods and suspects to and from Mexico City and elsewhere. Other warehouses and a building under construction were in between the drug-tunnel warehouse and the police facility.

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telemundo truck in front of drug tunnel warehouse


This Telemundo TV news vehicle was parked in front of the drug-tunnel warehouse on Thursday morning along the calzada Fuerza Aerea. The ground in the area had an elevation of 496 feet.







doordoor forced open






One of the doors to the warehouse had been forced open by authorities. An Oxxo market is across the street from the warehouse.






templo evangeliconew construction nearby








A new building is going up nearby; workers said it belonged to the federal government. Across the street from the construction is a Templo Evangélico El Redentor. The skeleton of another new building going up can be seen to the left of the church.




nearby federal police facility

federal police sign


A tenth of a mile from the warehouse is a federal police facility that uses the airport to transport goods, suspects and officials. The tail of an airplane seen be seen in the background behind the police car.




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