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Friday, Feb. 15, 2013

Pedro Ochoa, in ceremony marking his return as director of federal Cultural Center of Tijuana, outlines broad agenda

      pedro ochoaPedro Ochoa drew a large crowd on his return as director of the federal Cultural Center of Tijuana on Friday as he outlined a broad agenda, including having the CECUT host an international film festival.

   Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, the new president of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, presented Ochoa to an audience of more than 225 people, which included at least 60 members of the media.    

     Ochoa, who headed the center from 1989-1994, in recent years has been the cultural attaché at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego. "I am not here to repeat, but to renew," he said.

     He said he hoped to develop even greater cross-border ties with the United States, mark next year's hundredth anniversary of the birth of the late Nobel Prize-winning poet Octavio Paz, and continue to work with the state's youth.

rafael tovar y de teresa his wife and others at cecut(From left) Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, his wife, Mariana, Baja California Education Minister Javier Santillán, Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture Director Elsa Arnaiz, Mexican Consul to San Diego Remedios Gómez Arnau, orchestra director Eduardo García Barrios, and Baja California Culture Director Moisés Galindo listened to new CECUT Director Pedro Ochoa from the front row.

       Simbolos Patrios primary students enter CECUTFollowing a reception, as if on cue following Ochoa's statement saying the center will continue to work hard with the region's youth, a group of students from the Símbolos Patrios primary school began streaming into the cultural center. The school is near the military base.

       In a perhaps funny twist, the Notivisa TV news program's story and interview with Ochoa was done by Karina Muñoz, Ochoa's ex-wife.

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Friday, Feb. 8, 2013

Pedro Ochoa to head Tijuana Cultural Center again

      pedro ochoa left at colefPedro Ochoa, the cultural attaché for the Mexican Consulate in San Diego and former head of the Tijuana Cultural Center, has been named to direct the Tijuana Cultural Center again.

      Ochoa, who previously headed the Tijuana public library system, succeeds Virgilio Muñoz.

       Ochoa, at left in photo, made a presentation about the cultural history of Tijuana at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte in December. At right is José Manuel Valenzuela, who was awarded Baja California's science and technology prize Feb. 11.

      Ochoa was selected by Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, the president of the National Council for Culture and the Arts (Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes).

     Ochoa previously served as CECUT's director from 1989-1994, under President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

     The new CECUT director told Reforma newspaper that  Tovar wants to augment ties between the southern United States and Tijuana. The paper also said CECUT's budget was being reduced from 128 million pesos ($10 million) to 109 million pesos ($8.56 million). 
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