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Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

San Ysidro pedestrian crossing closes

Construction work on new road connection to Mexico's El Chaparral port of entry begins immediately

The southbound pedestrian crossing to the west of Interstate 5 into Tijuana from San Ysidro closed at 9 a.m. Thursday.

The closure took place so that a new connection can be made to Mexico's new El Chaparral port of entry, which is to be inaugurated Nov. 1.

A new $7.3 million pedestrian crossing to the east of Interstate 5 opened Monday.

Many of those planning to walk across the border walked right past signs that said the old crossing was closed and over the bridge to the west of Interstate 5, and then had to turn around when they realized they now had to cross to the east of I-5.

Foot traffic was flowing smoothly into Mexico at the new pedestrian crossing as of midday Thursday.

sign pointing to old pedestrian crossing taken down










A sign that pointed to the old pedestrial crossing was removed Thursday. Another sign told of the closure of the old crossing.


us starts tearing down old ped crossingus starts tearing down old crossing



Work began immediately on tearing down the old crossing. The crossing was blocked off and heavy equipment had already made a big hole in the sidewalk. The GSA's Ramon Riesgo said work had to start right away as the U.S. had just 30 days to make the new connection to Mexico's road connecting to El Chaparral.


The following video of Japanese tourists using the now-closed crossing to the west of Interstate 5 was taken Monday.


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