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Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013

Colosio killer's parents seek pardon for their son, Mario Aburto, claiming he is a scapegoat

However, 1994 interview with Sister Antonia Brenner, the 'prison nun' who died in October, contradicts the parents' claims in the Tijuana assassination of the PRI presidential candidate

     The parents of the man convicted of killing Institutional Revolutionary Party presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio in Tijuana in March 1994 are seeking a pardon for their son.

     Mario Aburto's father, Rubén Aburto, was quoted as saying: "This is a reminder for President Enrique Peña Nieto to let him go, because there is no proof against him. Everyone knows that he is a scapegoat. Pardon him. It has been enough, it has finished off his life, that of his siblings, of the family. I do not want to die without seeing him."

     Not too long after the assassination, Aburto's mother visited him at the Almoloya prison, accompanied by American nun Antonia Brenner (also known as Madre Antonia, and also as the "prison nun," she died in October at age 86.) Brenner told San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Arthur Golden that Aburto insisted he had acted alone, telling his mother: "I'm responsible for this terrible tragedy. I don't want anybody innocent to pay for something I did." (A number of others present at the assassination in the Lomas Taurinas neighborhood wound up being charged, but later acquitted.)

    After the interview, some Aburto family members crossed into the United States and sought asylum, and the mother told a different story about her talk with her son than what Brenner witnessed; Brenner came forward to put forth what she considered a more truthful account of the encounter. Golden's article ran on Page A-3 of the June 5, 1994, Union-Tribune.

     Mario Aburto was sentenced to a 42-year prison term.

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