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Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

Jackets sought for deportees in Tijuana so that they can ward off the cold — and the police

Soup kitchen seeking to help also is the one where migrants were recruited for recent attempt of a mass crossing of the border

     The Padre Chava soup kitchen in downtown Tijuana is seeking the donation of jackets to help deportees ward off the cold, in addition to warding off unwanted attention from police. Many deportees only have blankets to wear against the cold, making them a target of some authorities, El Mexicano reported. The paper said some have been arrested.

     On the same page, the paper said Orlando Ordaz Claro, who said that he had been deported after living two decades in the United States, claimed that he had been beaten over the weekend by police, had alcohol splashed on his nose, and had marijuana and crystal meth planted on him. The paper said his mother was able to get 20,000 pesos ($1,544) from other children in Guadalajara to pay his fines so that he could be released and treated for his injuries.

     The Padre Chava soup kitchen also happens to be the place were deportees were recruited to attempt a mass crossing of the border along the Tijuana River. U.S. border agents massed to prevent the crossing, using pepper spray and other means. Some agents were hit with thrown rocks and a thrown water bottle. El Mexicano reported that it appeared the crossing had to do with a recreation of a scene in the 1987 Cheech Marin movie "Born in East L.A."

Stories on jackets being sought and Ordaz Claro, El Mexicano (PDF).
Story on attempted mass crossing, El Mexicano. Story, U-T San Diego.

Update, Dec. 13: City begins "A Blanket, a Smile" campaign to help families withstand the cold. (Una cobija, una sonrisa). Story (PDF).

Update, Dec. 15: Soup kitchen is trying to provide more flights for migrants/deportees to get back home. Story, El Mexicano(PDF).