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Monday, May 19, 2014

PAN re-elects Madero as national president; Baja California PRI essentially decides on Nancy Sánchez as state president; Gov. Vega finally names someone as government secretary after the previous secretary had to resign because the federal government was seeking his arrest

       Gustavo MaderoThe National Action Party re-elected Gustavo Madero as its national president on Sunday. He was opposed by Sen. Ernesto Cordero, who in 2012 failed to win the PAN nomination for president of the country. Top Baja California state legislator Cuauhtémoc Cardona cried foul, claiming Madero was helped by Gov. Francisco Vega. The PRI-friendly El Mexicano newspaper even ran an editorial titled "Contaminated Election" on Monday, quoting Cardona as saying the Baja California election could be annulled. Madero won with about 56% of the vote nationwide (although El Mexicano got the numbers reversed on the front page and incorrectly said he had 65%.)

        Cardona also had good words for Vega, lauding his appointment of Francisco Rueda Gómez as government secretary; the person holding the position is usually considered to be the governor's top lieutenant. Cardona, who served as government secretary under Gov. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, said Rueda's experience as a state legislator and as deputy secretary should be great assets. Columnist Mario Palacios Romero also had good words for Rueda, calling him El Paco and saying his experience and conciliatory manner should help the state. Palacios said Rueda's attempt to win the PAN nomination for mayor of Mexicali might even come in handy. The position was open because the previous occupant, Guillermo Trejo Dozal, faced an arrest warrant because a company he was associated with, Latinos Servicios de Salud / Latin Health Care, allegedly was involved in insurance matters without federal permission.

         Meanwhile, over the weekend, former state legislator Nancy Sánchez of Mexicali was essentially re-crowned as the state Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) president (she was nominated, but still has to be formally elected). She has been serving in the position on an interim basis following the election of former state PRI President René Mendívil to the state legislature last summer. Earlier, the man seen as former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon's candidate for the position, Carlos Barboza, withdrew from contention. El Mexicano, which made her the top story on Page 1, also dedicated all of Page 2 and Pages 4 and 5 to her. It ran no editorial talking of any shenanigans that took place clearing the way for her nomination.

Update, May 20: The humor columnist Catón weighed in on the Madero, saying in rhyming verse:

Madero to continue heading the PAN

There will be more of the same
And as a matter of fact 
With Madero in front
The PAN will keep moving back

Friday, May 23, 2014

Columnist says Cordero should never have run for president of the PAN, nor for the PAN presidential nomination

     Columnist Jorge Fernández Menéndez writes that National Action Party Sen. Ernesto Cordero never should have run for president of the party (an election he lost to incumbent Gustavo Madero on Sunday) nor should have run the party's presidential nomination in 2012 (he lost to Josefina Vázquez Mota, but perhaps fatally wounded her campaign).
      Cordero basically ran for both positions as the candidate Felipe Calderón (president from 2006-2012), who Fernández said is now known as the chupacabras (goatsucker, a mythical creature blamed for many societal ills). That is a name once given to Carlos Salinas de Gortari (president from 1988-1994) after he left office.
      Fernández said that what Madero needs to realize is that 43% did not vote for him and he must not act as if he won 100%, and become a new chupacabras. His column (PDF).