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Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013

Street vendors ousted from downtown block vehicles from leaving El Chaparral port of entry into Tijuana for more than an hour

Cinderblock wall on access road to El Chaparral from I-5 also is painted

      Street vendors who had been ousted from downtown Tijuana blocked vehicles from the leaving El Chaparral port of entry into Tijuana for more than an hour Tuesday afternoon, causing a huge traffic tie-up at the border, Mexican media reported. Around 100 vendors had marched to City Hall around noon, but finding the way blocked by authorities, then marched to the relatively nearby port of entry and blocked the exit, El Mexicano reported. It said the vendors blocked traffic for more than two hours; Frontera newspaper, however, said the vendors began blocking traffic around 2:30 p.m. and left a little more than an hour later.

     Meanwhile, the five-lane access road to El Chaparral from Interstate 5 — supposed to be a temporary solution, until I-5 is rerouted as planned later this decade — began taking on an air of greater permanence Tuesday as Mexican workers were painting its cinderblock wall a dark mustardy-type color.

Vendors story, El Mexicano (PDF). Story, Frontera.
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