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Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012

Missing #YoSoy132 leader from Ensenada found in La Paz

He had been involved in Sept. 15 protest forcefully broken up by Ensenada police

It is second major missing persons case in Baja California in recent weeks in which person disappeared on their own

     Aleph Jimenez DominguezA missing leader of the #YoSoy132 student protest group from Ensenada has been found in La Paz in Baja California Sur.

     His disappearance last week had caused a nationwide stir, and on Monday, Baja California authorities had said they were stepping up their search for Aleph Jiménez Domínguez.
    The #YoSoy132 spokesman had been involved in a protest at Ensenada's Sept. 15 celebration of Mexican independence in which protesters were forcefully detained by police, causing an uproar. Mayor Enrique Pelayo of the Institutional Revolutionary Party later published a full-page ad apologizing for police actions.

     State Attorney General Rommel Moreno Manjarrez had said Monday the state was conducting an intense search for Jiménez, who had received a degree in oceanography at the Center for Scientific Study and Higher Learning in 2008.

     Gov. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán asked Moreno to intensify the search on Monday. Jiménez, 33, disappeared on Thursday, Sept. 20.

     The #YoSoy132 movement in Mexico City had been planning a march against Jiménez's disappearance on Wednesday. It was unclear what effect the disappearance and reappearance might have on the student movement.

     magaly salazar flier at border crossingHis disappearance was the second high-profile one in Baja California in recent weeks in which the person disappeared on their own. The father of Aleph Jiménez said Tuesday that his son had gone into hiding out of fear.
Update, Sept. 29: Aleph Jiménez says he feared for his life. Story in Frontera (PDF).

     Memories of the previous case were still available for all to see at the long-used southbound pedestrian crossing into Tijuana on Monday. A torn flier announcing the disappearance of Magaly Salazar (photo at right) was still attached to a fence at the crossing. After her disappearance was widely publicized, it was discovered that she had gone to the Guadalajara area on her own accord.

     The flier, if it is still attached to the fence, soon will be coming down: The crossing is being closed Thursday so that a road connection can be made to Mexico's new port of entry, El Chaparral, several hundred yards to the west.

    The reappearance of Aleph Jiménez was announced by Baja California Sen. Marco Antonio Blásquez. The senator also had been involved in a tangential way with the tail end of the Magaly case: His and other legislators' flight from Mexico City arrived in Tijuana on Sept. 14 around the same time as her flight did from Guadalajara, and the politicians at first seemed to think the throng of the gathered media was for them until they were informed the reporters were there for Magaly. Sept. 15 political page, Frontera (PDF).
Sept. 15 story, Frontera (PDF).

      Story on Aleph Jiménez being found, Frontera.
      Tuesday's stories in Frontera about search for Jiménez. (PDF).