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Monday, Oct. 28, 2013

Editorial decries lack of security at nation's power stations; 13 were attacked in Michoacán state, as well as gas stations

Power vacuum in state cited

        An editorial in Tijuana's El Mexicano decried the lack of security at the nation's power stations after 13 were attacked in Michoacán state early Sunday. The nation's electricity is provided by the Federal Electricity Commission. The attack left thousands without power, and many without water as well. Gas stations in Apatzingán and Tarímbaro also were attacked.
        "These attacks show how violence has intensified in this state, above all as a result of the emergence of community self-defense groups facing off with organized crime and armed groups; it also reflects the fragility of facilities such as Federal Electricity Commission substations and power plants and Pemex installations that should be high national security."
         It lamented that anybody can attack strategic installations the country uses to produce goods and services and then go home without anybody even knowing who was responsible.
          On the same page, columnist Jorge Fernández Menéndez wrote that self-defense groups were attacked with grenades by the Knights Templar organized crime group. He said the federal government was not assuming its responsibility, and that the Knights Templar group had even seized federal hurricane aid and was distributing it according to its own interests. He said the Institutional Revolutionary Party of President Enrique Peña Nieto is preoccupied over whether the convalescing elected Gov. Fausto Vallejo or interim Gov. Jesús Reyna will run the state government. Fernández Menéndez said the Morelia International Film Festival (PDF) was able to be held this month after the government blocked off the streets around it, but said the rest of the state is in flames.
          On Saturday, a self-defense group took over Apatzingán City Hall, after first being disarmed by authorities; on their march to City Hall they were apparently fired upon, however. There were no immediate reports of injuries.        
Editorial, El Mexicano, and Jorge Fernández Menéndez column (PDF).
Sunday's story in El Mexicano on Saturday's self-defense group takeover of City Hall in Apatzingán.