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Friday, Sept. 13, 2013

Group arrested in January slaying of Tijuana policeman and July killing of another man

Policeman reported to have been killed over theft of his vehicle's rims

      A group of people has been arrested in the January killing of a Tijuana policeman and the July killing of another man, El Mexicano reported.
      The paper said the slaying of police officer Ricardo Hernández Salgado may have had to do with the theft of rims from the officer's vehicle. Yesenia Mariana "La China" Palomino Zamudio apparently feared that the 36-year-old policeman was going to have her or her brother arrested over the theft, and so she, her partner and others planned his killing, state prosecutor Abel Galván Gallardo told the paper.  
      Authorities said the mastermind of the killings was Marco Antonio "El Arqui" Salazar, 36, partner of "La China," 21. A third suspect was identified as Jesús Mario Sierra López, 26 or 28.
      Other suspects in the July 31 slaying of Artemio "El Matías" Carrera Guzmán include Cristian "El Asesino" Garcia Godoy and Daniel "El Dixon" or el "Dickson" Martínez Godoy. Galván said "La China" allegedly shot and killed Carrera because he allegedly stole the drug ice and a cellphone belonging to Salazar. The body was dumped along a road in front of Rancho El León en the Lagunitas neighborhood. Carrera had been summoned to Salazar's office in the Panamericano neighborhood; "La China" reportedly told authorities that the gun accidentally went off, killing Carrera.
     The policeman was run down in his vehicle after getting off work and then was shot to death in the Leandro Valle neighborhood.
      Galván said those arrested apparently worked for "El Tío" (the Uncle) who in turn took his orders from "El Atlante," identified as Alfonso Lira Sotelo, leader of a drug-peddling operation apparently in league with the Sinaloa Cartel. The paper identified Salazar as a former construction company owner who became addicted to crystal meth.
      El Sol de Tijuana and Frontera both reported that "La China" also is known as "La Tecata." Authorities also seized guns and ammunition as part of their investigation.     
Front-page story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump. Story, El Sol de Tijuana. Story, Frontera (PDF).

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013

Two men playing arena soccer shot to death in Tijuana

       Two men playing in a late-night arena soccer game in Tijuana's Río Zone were shot to death by gunmen around 11 p.m. Monday, El Mexicano reported. The victims were identified as David Cueto, 27, and Hugo Nava Ávila, also 27. A woman who was wounded was identified as Nava Ávila's partner.
        El Mexicano quoted authorities as saying Nava Ávila was suspected of selling drugs in bars and of buying stolen vehicles. He was identified as coach of the "Zona Norte" soccer team, which was playing at the Furati Planet Gold facility. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).
Sept. 7: Governor blames some of the increase in violent deaths on deportation of criminals to Tijuana; table of homicides since 2008.

Man electrocuted while apparently trying to steal electrical wire from vacant home in Mexicali

      A man was electrocuted around 5 a.m. Monday while apparently trying to steal electrical wire from a vacant home in Mexicali. Nieghbors in the Pórticos del Valle neighborhood said they heard an electrical discharge and then went inside the home and found the body. The body was identified as that of a man known as Giovanni, said to be 23, and said to have been involved in various crimes. Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump.