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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Student escapes from kidnappers

       A student who was kidnapped on Monday escaped from his captors, and the two alleged kidnappers were arrested, Frontera newspaper reported. The student, who was a minor, escaped late Friday night and took refuge in a home on Callejón Anzures in the Colonia
Libertad Parte Baja. Story, Frontera (PDF).

Tijuana considers purchase of cameras to monitor police, prevent corruption

       Tijuana's mayor and public safety chief say the city is considering purchasing cameras that would monitor police as they perform their duties, in an attempt to provide transparency and prevent corruption, Frontera newspaper reported. Each camera would cost $500 to $600; the price would be about $1,200 per camera when a service contract is included, public safety chief Alejandro Lares Valladares said. He said San Diego and Chula Vista police are using similar systems.
      Lares also said the police force is getting 56 new patrol cars, 13 pickups and 25 motorcycles, and GPS units in 400 patrol cars.




Story, Frontera (PDF).