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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tijuana couple arrested after kidnapped would-be border crosser is strangled; 2nd migrant survives strangulation attempt and reports crime to authorities

        Two 23-year-old Tijuana residents have been arrested in a case where they allegedly kidnapped two would-be border crossers, obtained a ransom for them, and then allegedly tried to strangle the victims, Tijuana media reported. But one of the victims survived the strangulation attempt and reported the couple to authorities.

        Luis Abraham "El Filter" Pérez Meza and Lizeth Sarahí "La Tía" Palomarez Rojas, both 23, were both detained by the state agency fighting organized crime, El Mexicano reported.

        Two migrants who apparently did not know each other had agreed to pay $8,000 each to cross the border, and relatives in the U.S. apparently were to pay the passage. Pérez and Palomarez allegedly kidnapped the two would-be border crossers, got money sent electronically to Pérez and Palomarez, and then allegedly attempted to strangle both victims in a stolen car in the Villaurutia neighborhood, apparently thinking both had been killed, the paper reported. Both victims were then dumped from a taxi in motion in the same area, El Mexicano said. However, the victim who survived the ordeal then reported the crime to police, and the couple was arrested, the paper said.

        Story, El Mexicano (PDF).