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Sunday,May 13, 2012

Nuevo Laredo newspaper attacked with high-caliber bullets; no one hurt

High-caliber bullets were fired at the newspaper El Manana de Nuevo Laredo around 11 p.m. Friday, Mexican media reported. No one was hurt. A narcobanner was found outside the newspaper. Story in Frontera.

Police free woman held in panel truck by 4 men

Tijuana police on Friday freed a woman who had been kidnapped 18 hours earlier. She was being held in a panel truck by at four men, who all were arrested in the Valle Imperial neighborhood of eastern Tijuana. The men were identified as Guillermo Ochoa García, 30; Jaime Alonso Cota Corrales, 36; Jesús Enrique Villanueva, 30; and Marco Antonio Domínguez Bentancourt, 21. Ochoa García pulled a gun and shot at police, who fired back; he was later found wounded in a nearby home and taken to the hospital. Story, Frontera (PDF). Story, El Mexicano (PDF).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alleged Zeta linked to death of four sailors arrested in Veracruz

Jesús "El Chilango" Hernández Rodríguez, also known as Marcos Jesús Ruiz Rodríguez, was arrested May 9 in Veracruz by the Mexican navy. The alleged head of the Zetas' hitmen, he is suspected in the April 18 kidnapping, torture and killing of four sailors in Xalapa, the Veracruz state capital. Officials said the four were drivers for the military who were in Xalapa to take a two-week course on motorcycle maintenance. On April 23, a man who admitted involvement in the kidnappings, Romeo "El Chaparro" Domínguez Vélez, was captured in Coatzacoalcos. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Man killed in Tijuana bus

Armed men entered a Tijuana bus Wednesday night and killed a man and then dumped his body in the street in the Obrera Tercera Sección neighborhood in the San Antonio de los Buenos district. Local media said the armed men then drove the bus, which also had a woman and child aboard, a ways before abandoning it. It was not known what happened to the woman and child. Police said a report about the shooting came in after 10 p.m. The victim's ID said he was Gustavo González Jiménez, 35, of Mexico City. Story in Frontera (PDF). Story, El Sol de Tijuana.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

18 dismembered bodies dumped on road between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala

Eighteen dismembered bodies were dumped in two vehicles in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos on the road between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala in Jalisco state.
View Larger Map A note found with the bodies was signed by the Zetas, Mexican media reported. The slayings may be related to last week's mass killings in Nuevo Laredo. The Los Angeles Times reported that the Lake Chapala area, a retirement community for many Americans, is not as quiet as it used to be, and that three Americans were killed there last year. Story, MSNBC. Story in Frontera (PDF).
Update, May 11: A 25-year-old woman identified as Laura "N" was placed under preventive, 30-day detention known as arraigo. She reportedly is a member of the Milenio organized crime group involved in the kidnapping of some 30 people, many of whose bodies were dumped in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos. Others who were kidnapped were able to escape. Mexican media reported that those whose bodies were dumped appear to have been residents of communities along Lake Chapala. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tijuana police arrested in possession of crystal meth

Baja California state police arrested two Tijuana policemen for possession of crystal meth. Police said the arrests came after a 26-year-old man driving a car with California plates was detained for speeding. Frontera reported that Gustavo Fabián Chávez Aguilar's cellphone went off, and a voice was heard saying "they now had the ounce of crystal." The police and Chávez then went to the Rubí neighborhood, where police officers Samuel Tovar Fermín, 35, and Noe Cervantes Santillán, 30, were detained. About 29 grams of the drug was found in their vehicle.
On April 20, Tijuana police were arrested in possession of 30 kilos of marijuana. The case is believed to involve six police.
On April 12, policeman Cesar López Camarena was slain. Found in his vehicle were marijuana, crystal meth and what was thought to be cocaine, the paper reported.
Story, Frontera (PDF).

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