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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Alleged kidnapper allegedly involved in self-kidnapping arrested in Tijuana

Prosecutors say he sought a 500,000 peso ransom from his parents; 5 others also detained

     El Mexicano newspaper, in a front-page story, said an alleged kidnapper allegedly kidnapped himself in Tijuana in order to get a 500,000 peso ($37,800) ransom from his parents. He and five alleged accomplices were detained, the paper said.

     The paper said the main suspect, Adán Juárez López, was the son of a repair shop owner in El Florido. It said the ransom was bargained down to 200,000 pesos ($15,000).

      The paper said Juárez had been involved in a Jan. 21 kidnapping of the son of an El Florido auto parts businessman, where a $50,000 ransom was sought. The family paid an $11,000 ransom the next day, the paper said.

      Zeta newspaper said Juárez, arrested by the state anti-kidnapping unit on Feb. 28, originally was from Oaxaca.

      Those detained included a 20-year-old woman whom Zeta said went by the nickname of "La Hottie." Other media said her nickname was "La Jari." Most of those detained were said to be involved in some way or another with repair businesses.

Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump. Story, Zeta. Story, El Sol de Tijuana.

Mexico state kidnapping rings: Meanwhile, Mexico state announced that it has now dismantled 13 kidnapping rings this year. Story, Frontera (PDF).