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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Woman who allegedly delivered marijuana and magnets for blind-mule border crossing arrested

It is the first time an arrest has been made in such as case, where magnets are used to attach drugs to vehicles whose unsuspecting owners are known to cross the border

      A 42-year-old woman was discovered to have apparently dropped off packages of marijuana and magnets that apparently were going to be used to attach the drug to a vehicle that was likely to cross the border, authorities told Mexican media.

      Ana Beatriz García Valenzuela told police that she was paid $100 to drop off the materials so that someone else could attach the marijuana to a vehicle. She was captured at the intersection of Agua Caliente Boulevard and Avenida Jalisco after residents in Colonia Cacho reported her as acting suspiciously around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. She was traveling in a vehicle with her son; she said she brought the son along to avoid suspicion. Authorities found 12 packages of marijuana and the magnets at nearby Avenida Dinamarca.

     El Mexicano said it was the sixth "blind-mule" case this year, but the first time someone had been apprehended since the phenomenon was discovered two years ago.

     Those driving vehicles that have had drugs attached surreptitiously are called blind mules because they are people transporting drugs (mules) across the border but are blind to the fact. Often the vehicles have SENTRI passes that allow them to cross the border quickly.

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