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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bound bodies of 2 women, man dumped on Tijuana's Bulevar 2000; 1 person survives

Update: 4th person dies in hospital

       The bodies of two women and a man were dumped on Bulevar 2000 in eastern Tijuana on Tuesday, while a man who also was dumped along the road survived and was hospitalized under custody. El Mexicano pictured two of the bodies on its front page. The bodies and the survivor were found at kilometer 28.
Front-page story, El Mexicano. Jump.
El Mexicano editorial worries that this and Tuesday's slaying in Rosarito are the start of a new wave of violence.
Update, June 11: El Mexicano reports that the victims were a 42-year-old man, his romantic partner, 18, who was a cousin of the wounded man, who died in the hospital on June 9. He had a bullet wound to the head. A 15-year-old woman also was killed. The paper said all were presumed to have been involved in drug trafficking.

Narcocorrido singer Tito Torbellino, shot to death last week, said he had no fear of singing songs that might offend rival cartels

         Narco ballad singer corrido Tito Torbellino (Tomás Eduardo Tovar Rascón), who was shot to death last week in Sonora state, always said he had no fear about singing narcocorridos that might offend rival cartels, El Mexicano newspaper reported. He was killed Thursday in a Chinese restaurant in Ciudad Obregón. He traces his Mexican roots to Ciudad Obregón, although he was born in Phoenix in 1981, the paper said. The paper said he recorded 13 albums but really shot to fame when he made one with Sony Music in 2009.
         The paper reported that he had said on social media that he had a son and three daughters.
          He is the latest of a string of narco ballad singers to be killed.
Story, El Mexicano.
March 2014: Prosecutor says Zetas killed Kombo Kolombia band in January 2013 because it started playing for Gulf Cartel.

Tuesday,  June 3, 2014

4 killed at home being built in Rosarito

Slayings linked to local drug sales

       Four people were killed in a shootout Monday afternoon by an armed group at a home being built in Rosarito, Mexican media reported. A 17-year-old was wounded. The home was on a dirt road in the Reforma neighborhood."
       Police later found a shot-up vehicle abandoned on the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road near the new convention center around northern Rosarito.
Story, El Mexicano. Jump. Story, Frontera.
Update, June 4: Authorities say the killings had to do with local drug peddling, El Mexicano reports.

Tecate railroad rails stolen; 3 arrested

     Tecate police arrested three men after discovering that the railroad line at kilometer 122 had been dismantled and the rails stolen in the Bill Canyon area of San Pablo. Air-powered tools were used to help dismantle the rails. Story, photos, El Mexicano.