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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tijuana police apologize to family that was wrongly arrested in migrant kidnapping case

Authorities replace money taken from family's home, and replaced missing jewelry with similar items; toilet not replaced; couple also still not able to see their child, who has been placed in care of grandmother

Top police officers from Tijuana's Sánchez Taboada district visited the home of a family of four adults who were mistaken for migrant kidnappers to apologize, Frontera newspaper reported. he top police officers replaced more than 2,000 pesos reported taken from the home by their underlings, who ransacked the place last weekend after breaking up a migrant-kidnapping ring two doors down. Two alleged members of the ring, in an attempt to evade authorities, had apparently sneaked into the family's home and hidden under a bed, where they were found by police, who then arrested the family living there. The four adults living in the home were detained for two days, with two of reporting that they were struck by police; the young daughter of a couple living in the home also was taken away. Frontera reported that district police chief Julio César Durán Flores replaced out of his own pocket 1,000 pesos Josué Villatoro Velázquez reported missing and also provided replacements for missing jewelry, while relative Arnulfo Caballero Cabrera got back 1,300 pesos he said was taken from him. Frontera said the police involved in the mixup and case of the missing items had been suspended. Not replaced was a toilet family members said apparently had been broken during the police search of the home. While Josué Villatoro received the support of his company, Sohnen, his brother Obed Pietro Velázquez apparently was given his walking papers by Rectificadores Internacionales after 16 years of work there. Their relatives Arnulfo Caballero Cabrera and his wife still were not able to see their daughter, who had been removed by authorities and placed in the custody of her grandmother. The daughter, previously described as 4 years old, was described as 3 in Sunday's Frontera.
The four adults apparently were held under arraigo, where suspected members of organized crime groups can be held up to 40 days without charges.
Story, Frontera (PDF). Second page (PDF).
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Saturday, June 14, 2012

Zeta leader's nephew arrested; alleged Zeta financial operator captured along with 41 million pesos and a million dollars

Media reported that at midday Tuesday in Monterrey, Nuevo León state investigators captured Juan Francisco "El Quico" Treviño Chávez, 31, a nephew of the No. 2 leader of the Zetas, Miguel Treviño Morales, also known as "El Z-40."
Treviño Chávez was detained in a shopping center along with his cousin Jesús Chávez García, 30, who reportedly headed operations in Sabinas Hidalgo and fled the Nuevo Laredo prison on Dec. 16, 2010. The men were in the company of two women, media reported. Treviño Chávez is the son of Juan Francisco Treviño Morales, older brother of Miguel Treviño Morales. Juan Francisco Treviño Morales is imprisoned in the United States.
It also was announced that the military had captured Erick "El Cucho" Lozano Díaz, the alleged financial operator of the Zetas, and had seized 41.1 million pesos ($3 million) as well as million dollars. A military spokesman said Lozano Díaz said the money had direct links to Miguel Treviño Morales and was laundered through a vehicle import business.
Stories in Frontera (PDF).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

14 bodies left in vehicle in Veracruz near Tamaulipas line

Fourteen bodies were found left in a vehicle on the Álamo Potrero del Llano highway near rancho Los Cuates in northern Veracruz state near the Tamaulipas line. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Brother of alleged No. 2 Zeta official arrested; he had invested money in thoroughbred operation in U.S.

Before he was arrested, his brother apparently had horseman cooperating with U.S. authorities killed

The brother of Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, the alleged No. 2 official with the Zetas, was arrested by U.S. authorities. José Treviño Morales, 45, had apparently invested drug proceeds in a thoroughbred horse operation in the United States, and was arrested along with 14 others in Oklahoma. U.S. authorities told The New York Times the Zetas had been investing about $1 million in thoroughbred operations. Miguel Ángel Treviño, 38, and brother, Omar, 36, were also charged, but remain at large. Miguel Ángel Treviño is suspected of ordered the death of horseman Ramiro Villarreal, who helped the Treviños buy horses and was coerced into cooperating with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Story in Frontera (PDF). Story, Los Angeles Times.
Update, June 14: Treviño nephew arrested in Monterrey.
Update, June 30: Zulema Treviño, wife of José Treviño Morales, was released on bail by U.S. authorities. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woman, 22, from San Diego shot to death after leaving Tijuana nightclub

Update, June 13: Suspect is victim's ex-husband

A 22-year-old woman from San Diego was shot and killed around 5 a.m. Sunday after she left a disco in Tijuana's Zona Río. Stacey Yaraldy Osorio Ayala, 22, and a female friend were in a vehicle that came under attack by a gunman with a 9mm weapon after leaving the Pueblo Amigo parking lot, the papers El Mexicano and El Sol de Tijuana said. The assailant was reported to have fled on foot. El Mexicano said the friend, who was driving, was not hurt. The paper said Osorio Anaya and her friend may have had an argument with other women in the disco "El Alebrije."
Update, June 13: U-T San Diego reported that Tijuana police arrested two suspects, including Osorio's ex-husband. Story, U-T San Diego.
June 12 stories, with incomplete information: Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump. Story, El Sol de Tijuana. Neither paper appeared to have followed up on the story.

2 Tijuana police imprisoned after allegedly shooting man resisting arrest; the man was under the influence of drugs

Update, June 22: Police freed after charges reduced.

Two Tijuana police officers have been placed in Tijuana's La Mesa state penitentiary after allegedly shooting a man resisting arrest June 6 in the Manuel Paredes neighborhood, media reported. The man, said to have been under the influence of drugs, suffered seven gunshot wounds and also was kicked and otherwise beaten, authorities told the media. Arrested were policewoman Oyuki Ávila Macías, 24, and Heriberto Gómez Chavarría, 22. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).
Update, June 13: Police chief Alberto Capella defends the police officers (PDF).
Update, June 22: Police are released after charges reduced from attempted murder to wounding. Story, Frontera (PDF).

Monday, June 11, 2012

13 detained in migrant kidnapping in Tijuana

Update, June 14: Family of 4 adults and a child originally picked up was not involved and released, but has not been able to recover 4-year-old girl seized by authorities; brothers say police took cell phone, camera, cash from their home

Thirteen people were detained the kidnapping of two migrants in Tijuana, Frontera reported. Two guns, drugs and Mexican passports also were seized after authorities were tipped about a kidnapping at 25 de diciembre street in the Genaro Vázquez neighborhood of the Sánchez Taboada district, the paper said. The two migrants were freed.
City police said that among those detained were: Jesús Moreno Pano, 45; Jesús Humberto García Pinos, 25; Jonathan Medina Garzón, 24; Benito Moreno Pano, 39; Claudia Beatriz Betame, 35; Rodolfina Moreno Pano, 36; Priscila Camacho Valdez, 28; Iris Valdez Quintanar, 54; and Modesto Ceja Quintana, 59.
Update, June 14: Frontera reports that a family of four adults and a child caught up in the dragnet apparently had nothing to do with the kidnapping ring, but that the family has not been able to get the 4-year-old back from authorities. Two of the alleged kidnappers had apparently surreptitiously entered the family's home in the Genaro Vázquez neighborhood and hidden under a bed, where they were discovered by authorities. The home is two houses down from the house where the migrants were being held against their will. Josué Villatoro Velazquez, 36, his brother Obet Villatoro Velazquez, 38, and relatives Arnoldo Caballero Farrera, 26, and Judith Vanessa Ibarra Anaya, 22, told the paper they are trying to get their good name back. Caballero and Ibarra are the parents of the daughter, Judith Paola; they said the city agency responsible for child welfare only wanted to release the child to the custody of her grandmother. The four spoke to the paper from the offices of Sohnen Enterprises, a consumer product refurbisher. Company officials described Josué Villatoro as being a model worker for seven years. The brothers said police demanded to know where a gun was hidden and ransacked their home, taking a digital camera, money, a cell phone and jewelry. All four adult relatives were presented to the media with the nine others and were presented as kidnappers, even though the migrants told authorities they were not involved, the brothers told the paper. Story, photo, Frontera (PDF).
Update, June 16: José Robert Vázquez writes about the incident in Frontera column entitled "Unjustified Arrest."(PDF).


5 violent deaths recorded in Tijuana in last week

Five violent deaths, 16 stolen vehicles and 18 people detained with drugs were the highlights in Frontera newspaper's "Insecurity Barometer" for Tijuana last week. The deaths included the killing of the brother of Hermosillo's mayor. Story, Frontera (PDF).

Publication date Violent deaths in Tijuana by week according to Frontera's Insecurity Barometer
June 11 5
June 4 3
May 28 9
May 21 3
May 14 2
May 7 3
April 30 6
April 23 0
April 16 page did not run
April 9 6
April 2 7
March 26 1
March 19 3
March 12 0
March 5 9
Feb. 27 5
Feb. 20 2
Feb. 13 1
Feb. 6 1
Total 66 — does not include January, or week ending April 15

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