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Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012

5 killed in Mexico state, 3 in Sonora, 8 in Michoacán, 4 in Morelos

Three men were found killed in Nezahualcóyotl and a message was left by the their bodies. Two men were killed in Ecatepec, also in Mexico state. The three killed in Neza were Víctor Israel Chávez González, 27; Refugio Aguirre Gallardo, 48, and José Manuel Hernández Rivero, 31. Two people were killed in Ciudad Obregón, which has seen 62 slayings this year, the most of anyplace in Sonora state. Slain separtely, they were identified as Francisco Amavisca Flores, 36, and Ángel Alfredo Lugo Ortiz, 22. Lugo Ortiz was reported to have a criminal record. In Navajoa, Román Borbón Yocupicio, 37, was shot to death in a bar around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. In Morelos, the bodies of three women in their 20s were found on the Autopista México-Cuernavaca. Their hands had been tied. The body of a fourth woman was found in Jiutepec. Meanwhile, eight bodies were found in Venustiano Carranza in Michoacán state near Jalisco, four of them in a burned vehicle. Stories in Frontera (PDF).

Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012

One killed, two wounded when Mazatlán bus shot

A bus was shot at in Mazatlán, killing the fare collector and wounding the driver and a passenger. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012

Nine killed in attack on Monterrey bar; 4 were bar employees

8 killed in violence elsewhere

Gunmen killed nine people in an attack the Matehuala bar in Monterrey around 11 p.m. Monday, Mexican media reported. Four of those killed by gunfire were bar employees. The gunmen were believed to be members of the Gulf Cartel.
Meanwhile, four bodies were found in separate locations in Guerrero state: Atoyac de Álvarez, Acapulco, Llano Largo Hidalgo, and Cocula. Meanwhile, a federal policeman was killed and two were wounded in Torreón. Three people were found slain in Nezahualcóyotl in Mexico state; a message purportedly from La Familia Michoacana was left with the bodies. Stories in Frontera (PDF).

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012

11 kilos of cocaine seized, 5 detained on downtown Tijuana street

Authorities detained five people and seized 11 kilos of cocaine in downtown Tijuana, Frontera newspaper reported. The seizure took place on Seventh Street between Revolución and Constitución when state police saw an interchange of packages taking place between two vehicles through a window Monday morning. Detained were Jaime Gerardo García Hernández, 36; Mario Figueroa García, 21; Marcelino Gerardo Castro,
28; Alexis López, 19; and Oyuki Félix Miranda, 27. Authorities said those detained said they worked for the Sinaloa Cartel and that the drugs were supposed to have been crossed to the United States. A street value of 12 million pesos ($917,000) was placed on the cocaine. Story, Frontera (PDF).
Update: U.S. officials seize 19.6 pounds of cocaine valued at $627,000 at Brownsville port of entry. Customs and Border Patrol press release. At that price, cocaine would be valued at $70,000 per kilo; that could mean 11 kilos seized in Tijuana might be valued at $770,000.

Captured drug-trafficking suspect had ID of newspaper worker killed along with 3 photographers in Veracruz in May

Update, Aug. 16: Others arrested, also allegedly admit involvement of reporter in Xalapa in June

The Mexican navy captured suspected drug trafficker Juan Carlos Hernández Pulido in Veracruz on Friday. The suspected head of informants for the Jalisco Nueva Generación group had with him documents belonging to Irasema Becerra, a newspaper employee who was killed along with four photographers in May. The victims were dismembered and placed in plastic garbage bags in a drainage canal. Becerra was the girlfriend of one of the photographers. Story, in Frontera (PDF).
Update, Aug. 16: The Veracruz Attorney Generals Office said others captured include Isaías "El Cronos" or "El Maniaco" Flores Pineda, alleged head for the Jalisco Nueva Generación group for Veracruz and Boca del Río; Claudia Medina Tamariz; César Tejeda Moreno; Pablo "El Güero" or "Jaiba" Arrieta Andrade; Pedro " El Perri" Temiz Zapot; Javier "El Morro Chemo" Benítez Grajales; and William "El Mochis" Malpica. Prosecutors said all admitted involvement in the May slayings of Becerra; photographer Guillermo Luna Varela of Veracruz News website and La Voz del Sureste; and Gabriel
Huge Córdoba and Esteban Rodríguez Rodríguez, who had been photographers for Notiver and Diario AZ. Those detained also admitted involvement in the June killing of Víctor Manuel Báez Chino in Xalapa. At the time of his death, it was reported that a note signed by the Zetas had been left with Báez Chino's body.
Previous story on photojournalists and Becerra's deaths.
Previous mention of Báez Chino slaying.

7 members of family, including 4 children, slain in Veracruz

Authorities found the bodies of a family of seven, including four children ages 3 to 12, after neighbors reported a bad odor coming from their home in the Manlio Fabio Altamirano community of the outskirts of Veracruz. At least of the victims had their throats cut, media reported. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

Peace caravan against Mexico's violence begins journey to Washington with stop at border, University of San Diego

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Insecurity Barometer records 2 violent deaths for Tijuana during previous week

Frontera's Insecurity Barometer for Tijuana had two violent deaths, including the slaying of a cashier for a Chinese restaurant, for the week ending Aug. 12. It also reported 37 vehicle thefts and 31 cases of drug possession. Insecurity Barometer page, Frontera (PDF).

Publication date Violent deaths in Tijuana by week according to Frontera's Insecurity Barometer
Aug. 13 2
Aug. 6 0
July 30 3
July 23 1
July 16 4
July 9 2
July 2 page did not run
June 25 4
June 18 3
June 11 5
June 4 3
May 28 9
May 21 3
May 14 2
May 7 3
April 30 6
April 23 0
April 16 page did not run
April 9 6
April 2 7
March 26 1
March 19 3
March 12 0
March 5 9
Feb. 27 5
Feb. 20 2
Feb. 13 1
Feb. 6 1
Total 85 — does not include January, or weeks ending April 15 and July 1


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