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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Metal thieves break off statue of Kumeyaay woman at ankles in Tijuana

stolen kumeyaay statue ankles     A 2001 bronze statue of an indigenous Kumeyaay woman has been broken off at the ankles, presumably to be melted down for scrap, Tijuana media reported. A statue of another Kumeyaay woman more firmly attached to the monument's base was not taken. The statue is located in the small Vicente Guerrero plaza at the intersection of Cuauhtémoc Boulevard and Paseo Centenario near the CREA sports complex in the Río Zone.
Stories, El Mexicano (PDF).
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stolen statue police car

missing plaque





lights burning

A police car drives by behind the Kumeyaay statue; the remaining ankles of the stolen statue are to the right of the sitting Kumeyaay woman. Above right, a metal plaque appears to have been long missing at the statue site; metal plaques have long been a target for Tijuana metal thieves. In bottom right photo, a spotlight, one of several around the statue, burns during broad daylight on Thursday, May 2.