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Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013

Mass held for victims of "El Pozolero" (The Stewmaker), who dissolved some 300 bodies in barrels in Tijuana; his former home to become a memorial site

       A mass was held Saturday for some 300 victims of "El Pozolero" (The Stewmaker) in Tijuana. The mass was held at a home where José Santiago Mesa had dissolved the bodies in a caustic soda (lye) mixture in barrels. Relatives of more than 50 disappeared people attended the mass at a site known as La Gallera on Cioac street in the Maclovio Rojas community. Mesa was known as El Teo's cook; El Teo, or Teodoro Garía Simental, was known for his brutality as a drug-cartel enforcer. He was captured in January 2010; El Pozolero was captured in 2009.       

      Fernando Ocegueda, president of the United for the Disappeared Association (Asociación Unidos por los Desparecidos) said there has been a lot of shoddy police work involved in the investigation into the disappeared, saying only three of 209 cases his group is involved with have been resolved. He criticized state Attorney General Rommel Moreno.

       The story said the home is to be made into a memorial by the assocation.

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