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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bartlett to be a Progressive Movement senator despite losing Senate election in Puebla state

While López Obrador finished first in the presidential voting in the state, Bartlett finished third, perhaps showing greater tendency of Mexicans to split their tickets

Manuel Bartlett Manuel Bartlett, the Institutional Revolutionary Party politician who ran on the banner of Andrés Manuel López Obrador's Progressive Movement, will become a senator even though he finished third in his state's Senate race, columnist Sergio Sarmiento reported. "In Mexico you don't have to win an election to enter Congress," he wrote. Bartlett is famous for having been the interior minister in the fraud-filled election that saw Democratic Revolution Party cofounder Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas lose to the PRI's Carlos Salinas. Bartlett is a member of the nationalist, more left-wing sector of the PRI that is opposed to private investment in Mexico's oil sector, a position congruent with López Obrador and Cárdenas. Bartlett is a former Puebla governor and previously served in the Senate.
In Puebla, the PRI finished first with 35.2% of the vote and won two Senate seats; the PAN was second with 28.5% to win the remaining seat; and Bartlett third with 27.6%, 20,000 votes behind the PAN out of more than 2.4 million cast. Sarmiento said Bartlett cried fraud.
Sarmiento's column: Bartlett item at end (PDF). IFE webpage on Puebla Senate race.
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Update, July 10: Sarmiento says (PDF) that while Bartlett finished third in the Senate voting in Puebla, López Obrador finished first in the presidential vote in the state with 34.61%. Sarmiento said this shows that split-ticket voting is becoming more common in Mexico.
Update, Aug. 22: Bartlett to move to Workers Party and head its delegation in the Senate so that the Workers Party qualifies for a major infusion of federal funding and also for representation on Senate committees. Story, La Jornada del Oriente.