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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Los Cabos edges out Monterrey as Mexico's most-expensive city

Quintana Roo state has third-most-expensive and fifth-least-expensive cities

Mexicali is 14th-costliest city, Tijuana 20th, out of 42 ranked

        The beach resort city of Los Cabos in Baja California Sur has edged out Monterrey as Mexico's most-expensive city. Another beach resort city, Cancún, was third, according to a Mercer survey. Querétaro was fourth, Mexico City fifth and Guadalajara sixth out of 42 cities surveyed.

       The cheapest cities were Durango, Monclova (Coahuila), Tlaxcala, Zacatecas, and Chetumal (Quintanoo Roo). That meant that Quintano Roo state had the third-most-expensive city (Cancún) and the fifth-least-expensive (Chetumal).

      Mexicali was the 14th-most expensive city, while Tijuana was 20th.

      Los Cabos's edging out Monterrey as Mexico City's most-expensive city is interesting in that more and more, wealthy residents of Monterrey (and other Mexican cities) are buying property in Los Cabos, which has been largely dependent on U.S. investment.

  Most expensive
Mexican cities
Rating *     Least expensive
Mexican cities
1 Los Cabos 108.66   1 Durango 71.15
2 Monterrey 108.61   T2 Monclova 71.4
3 Cancún 104.03   T2 Tlaxcala 71.4
4 Querétaro 101.2   4 Zacatecas 72.4
5 Mexico City 100*   5 Chetumal 72.9
6 Guadalajara 99.07        
14 Mexicali n/a **        
20 Tijuana n/a **        

*Mexico City formed the base for the rating and was given a value of 100. Housing costs formed a large factor in the rating.
**This information was not released and presumably could be had by subscribing to Mercer's services.